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Black Hard Coating

  • Black Hard Coating

High quality coating – only in combination with TEGIMENT

We only use hard coatings (known as PVD coatings) with TEGIMENT surfaces. Because only in this combination is it possible to achieve the high quality of our PVD paint coatings.

Schematic diagram showing the hard coating on a surface hardened with TEGIMENT TEchnology

The TEGIMENT hardness profile is continuous. In other words, the high level of surface hardness transitions very gradually to the basic hardness of the material. This makes it possible for a PVD paint coating to be applied without risking the otherwise familiar peeling effect of the paint from the body of the case.

This means that paint coatings applied using what is known as the PVD technique are exceptionally hard. The great and sudden difference in hardness between the hard paint coating and base material means these tend to crack when under stress because the hard shell (PVD paint coating) is applied seamlessly to a very soft core (case material). When suddenly subjected to stress, the base material yields and cannot support the outer layer sufficiently. This is called the ‘eggshell effect’.

The hardness of the TEGIMENT surface, by contrast, supports the hard coating layer. This prevents the “eggshell effect” and dramatically reduces flaking of the paint coating. Although the paint coating applied using the PVD technique is extraordinarily hard, it may become damaged on contact with harder materials. This corresponds to the latest technological standards and is therefore unavoidable. The problem is that unlike a solid-coloured material, a paint coating always remains vulnerable under certain conditions.

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