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  • T50 GBDR

    The diving watch with Captive Safety Bezel made of Goldbronze.

    T50 GBDR
  • T50 GBDR
  • T50 GBDR
  • T50 GBDR
  • T50 GBDR


Warranty period 3 years

Warranty Statement
Product number: 1052.020 PDF


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  • Bead-blasted solid titanium bracelet
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Developing and using “unconventional” case materials for watchmaking is one of our core competencies. It is deeply rooted in our company’s historical DNA and has produced a number of astonishing timepieces in the past. The T50 GBDR edition is another impressive demonstration of our extensive expertise in the field of metallurgy.

For the diver’s bezel of this interesting timepiece, we are using a bronze alloy we developed, which is patented. This alloy, referred to as Goldbronze 125, has an exceptionally high degree of purity, and one eighth of it is gold. With bronze, we are embracing a material that has been used frequently in a wide range of maritime applications in the past. However, the exceptionally high degree of purity of our Goldbronze 125 results in improved skin compatibility and increased corrosion resistance to seawater compared to conventional bronze alloys. Material-technically matching this, the case of the T50 GBDR is made of high-strength titanium. As this metal does not cause allergies, the watch provides exceptionally high wearing comfort overall. Goldbronze 125 continues to develop a darkening of the surface due to oxidation, also known as a patina. However, the alloy achieves a higher degree of inertness in the face of environmental influences than ordinary bronze (CuSn8) because it has gold as a component. If desired, the mentioned darkening of the surface can be removed with a gold bronze cleaning cloth provided that the oxidation is minimal enough.

A concept tailored for operational safety ensures that nothing goes wrong when diving. This can be seen, for example, in the robust diver’s bezel. It is an extremely reliable tool for timekeeping, as it is captively attached to the case. It is also protected against accidental twisting. “Press first, then turn”: this is the memorable principle behind the simple yet effective anti-twist mechanism. When things get tough, Ar-Dehumidifying Technology ensures greater functional reliability and freedom from fogging.

The captive safety diver’s bezel made of Goldbronze 125 harmonises perfectly with the matte black dial – an interplay that skilfully contrasts with the more objective-technical appearance of the bead-blasted, high-strength titanium case. All this does not come at the expense of clear readability and measurability – because the display has been reduced to the bare essentials. Important design features of this concept are strikingly large sword hands and the visual understatement of all functions and printing on the dial and safety bezel that are not relevant to the actual dive. The timepiece also uses colour-coding to ensure reliable reading of reference times, especially in the dark or under adverse visibility conditions. The hour hands and indices on the dial glow green, while the minute and second hands and the main marking on the rotating bezel are bluish. As the crown is located at 4 o’clock, it prevents pressure on the back of the hand, even during physically demanding activities. 

With its diameter of 41 mm, the T50 GBDR model cuts a wearable figure in any situation - especially on narrow wrists.

Special characteristics
  • Winner of the iF Design Award 2024
  • Case made of high-strength titanium, bead-blasted
  • Bezel made of Goldbronze 125, bead-blasted
  • Tested based on European diving equipment standards and certified by an independent institute
  • Water-resistant and pressure-resistant to 50 bar (= 500 m water depth), certified by an independent institute
  • Captive Safety Diver´s Bezel with guard to prevent accidental misadjustment
  • Colour-differentiated luminous paint for minute hand, second hand and key mark on the bezel for clear reading of set time
  • Crown at 4 o’clock to prevent pressure on the back of the hand
  • Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Low pressure resistant

Technical details

SW 300-1
Self-winding mechanism
25 bearing jewels
28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
Seconds stop function
Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309

The information on the mechanical movement corresponds to the current production situation in Frankfurt am Main. Due to technical changes, it may happen in individual cases that stock items of our sales partners deviate from this information.

Case made of high-strength titanium, bead-blasted
Bezel made of Goldbronze 125, bead-blasted
Sapphire crystal glass in front, anti-reflective on both sides
Case back screw-fastened
Crown screwable
Meet the technical requirements for water-resistance, as set out in standard DIN 8310
Water-resistant and pressure-resistant to 500 m diving depth (= 50 bar), certified by an independent institute
According to the technical demands for the diving norm DIN 8306
Tested based on European diving equipment standards EN 250 and EN14143, certified by an independent institute
Low pressure resistant
Hours, minutes, seconds
Date display
Diver's bezel with minute ratcheting and luminous key mark
Colour-differentiated luminous paint for minute hand, second hand and key mark on the rotating bezel for clear reading of set time
SINN Technologies
Captive safety bezel
Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging

Dimensions and Weight
Case diameter: 41 mm
Band lug width: 20 mm
Case thickness: 12.3 mm
Weight without strap: 58 gramme
Dial and Hands
Matte black dial
Indices coated with luminescent colour
Hour, minute and second hand coated with luminescent colour
  • iF Design Award 2024
    iF Design Award 2024

    For the first time, Sinn Spezialuhren is using the in-house developed bronze alloy "Goldbronze 125" for its captive safety diver's bezel. The result: the T50 GBDR harmoniously combines robustness with refined elegance, appealing to professional divers and watch enthusiasts alike. The watch is proof of precision engineering and innovative design that guarantees both durability and aesthetics, according to the expert jury. The iF Design Award has been an internationally recognised hallmark of design excellence since 1954. It is one of the most important design prizes in the world and is awarded once a year by the oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH.

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Warranty statement

In addition to the statutory warranty, we – Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH, Wilhelm-Fay-Strasse 21, 65936 Frankfurt am Main – provide a manufacturer’s warranty against material and manufacturing defects for the watch T50 GBDR.

The warranty period is 3 years.

The warranty period is calculated from the invoice date.

Our warranty is applicable worldwide.

If you wish to make a warranty claim, we will repair the watch for you at no additional cost.

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage caused by:

  • Improper use
  • Repairs or attempted repairs which were not carried out by us or our authorised partners. A list of authorised partners can be found in the Sales and Service Partners menu on our website
  • Signs of wear and tear, especially to straps
  • The use of force (blows, knocks, impact)

Loss of your waterproof watch’s water resistance is also excluded 24 months from the date of purchase.

Please inform us – Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH by phone +49 (0) 69/97 84 14-400 or email – as soon as you are aware of the potential warranty claim to avoid further damage. In order to approve the warranty, we will need the watch and proof of purchase (invoice) with a detailed description of the damage.

In the event of a warranty claim, we bear the costs of sending and returning the watch as well as the transport risk, provided that the transport is carried out by the transport company specified by us and the watch has been securely packaged. Please contact us by phone +49 (0) 69/97 84 14-400 or email Otherwise, as the customer, you will bear the costs of the shipment and the transport risk.

Any costs incurred for customs duties, import duties and other fees incurred when the watch is returned to the recipient country must be borne by the recipient.

We provide this warranty in addition to your existing statutory rights for defects. These rights are not restricted by the warranty and they can be exercised free of charge.

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