Dual Strapsystem

Two worlds on one wrist

Technical details

The Dual Strap System fits SINN watches with a band lug width of 22 mm
and Apple Watches with a case size of 38 mm.

The original band lug for the Apple Watch is acquired from authorised retailers and is supplied pre-attached to the appropriate shortened strap halves. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly.

We recommend sapphire crystal glass, magnetic field protection and TEGIMENT Technology for your SINN watch.

For use with Apple Watch 38 mm click here

How the Dual Strap System works

First, two shortened strap halves (each featuring a toothed buckle) are attached to each watch. These strap halves and one of the two toothed buckles are then used to fasten both watches together. Strapped together, the watches can then be placed on the wrist and fastened securely with the other toothed buckle. Attaching the toothed buckles to both ends allows the watches to be centred on the wrist. A separate connecting strap, which is included in the set, ensures a high level of flexibility. This allows the watches to be worn separately, if necessary.

Fasten both watches together using the two shortened strap halves and one of the two toothed buckles. Place the connected watches on your wrist and fasten the strap with the other toothed buckle.
You can also wear the watches separately. Simply use the separate connecting strap provided. Fasten the strap with both toothed buckles.

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