Sinn Spezialuhren take part in Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik

25.05.2011   Anniversary year – SINN supporting event for fourth time

The similarities which exist between fine vintage cars and high-quality mechanical watches are relatively easy to spot: both embody timeless and classic values, both instil enthusiasm for mechanical precision and both symbolise superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

Which is one of the main reasons why Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main – as one of the original sponsors – is supporting the "Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik" vintage car rally for the fourth time now. For Sinn Spezialuhren this race is of particular importance, as the company, which was founded in 1961, is now celebrating its fiftieth birthday.

Taking part once again will be the faithful Ralley Chronograph 917 GR. Certified engineer Lothar Schmidt, owner of Sinn Spezialuhren, together with the Ralley Sports Manager Peter Göbel and Helge Jost of the Springer publishing house, which is staging the event, developed this watch by pooling their experience of ralley driving. Because two factors are important in rallies: superior driving skills and accurate time-keeping – which is exactly what the 917 GR delivers. The watch has vintage car styling and the countdown bezel is ideal for making exact settings and reading off target times with split-second precision during races of all kinds. Evoking the cars of yesteryear, the display of the power reserve indicator is tastefully designed in the form of a classic tank-level indicator.

There is a unique, nostalgic link between Sinn Spezialuhren and rallies. The company's founder, Helmut Sinn, was a class winner in the Rallye Algérie – Le Cap in a VW Beetle in 1953. The race spanned the length of Africa from north to south over 18,000 kilometres in the most challenging of conditions. Which is one of the main reasons why, right from the outset, one of the top priorities at Sinn Spezialuhren was creating dashboard clocks and watches which function as technical instruments. Since taking over at the helm of the company, Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Schmidt has ensured that many models have been equipped with patented SINN technologies which make the timepieces even more robust, resilient for every day use and extremely functional.